UAE President’s Statement on Commemoration Day 2023

29 November 2023
Abu Dhabi

Each year on 30 November we honour the memory of a revered group of our nation's heroes who proved their true courage and their loyalty to both God and our homeland. Commemoration Day is an occasion of profound significance to our beloved nation, a day on which we pay tribute to our martyrs. We proudly and gratefully recall their sacrifices and acts of bravery, and we share these stories with our children and grandchildren. In doing so, we ensure that their tales of devotion and sacrifice remain alive in the consciousness of future generations, inspiring them to embrace these values of patriotism and be ready to heed the nation's call, whenever and wherever it may arise.


Our fallen heroes selflessly gave their lives in defence of the UAE, its people, its values, and its sovereignty. Our obligation is to preserve their names and memories, and uphold the values and ideals for which they stood. By redoubling our efforts and dedication, we will ensure that our nation's flag remains flying high, as was the wish of our martyrs and for which they gave their lives.


The sacrifices made by our brave heroes for their nation will continue to inspire successive generations and serve as emblems of pride and honour for every Emirati man and woman forever more.
On this special day for our nation, we extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to the families and relatives of our heroes. We honour their sacrifices and their deep love for our country and reaffirm that supporting them will remain our top priority. The sacrifice of their loved ones places upon us a lasting responsibility, one we are committed to fulfilling for all eternity.


Today, as we commemorate our brave heroes, we affirm that they laid down their lives in defence of justice, in support of security and stability, and in pursuit of peace. The UAE has always been, and will continue to be, an advocate for peace and cooperation, because we believe this is the way to fulfil the aspirations of people around the world for progress and prosperity.
May God bestow His mercy upon our honourable heroes, safeguard the UAE and its people, and grant peace and stability to our nation, the region, and the world.